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Nitrox Certification - CI Residents Special Offer!

  • Lesley Agostinelli
  • September 01st 2021
Nitrox Certification - CI Residents Special Offer!

NITROX Day Special  - NITROX Cert + Free Boat Dive CI$129

Have you always been meaning to get your Nitrox Certification?  Did you know Nitrox is one of the most popular specialty courses offered by PADI?

Learning to dive using Enriched Air Nitrox could not be easier at Ocean Frontiers Ltd and we are offering our last special of the year for this Resident PADI Nitrox Certification deal.


Nitrox certification is required to take advantage of some of our special trips, including 3-Tank Safari Day Trips to Little Cayman and Bloody Bay Wall, and our 12-Mile Bank Expeditions. 


Don't limit your diving with Air and open up the opportunities to dive with Nitrox and all of the benefits of a gas with less nitrogen and more oxygen.  Nitrox is the exact same 'ingredients' as air, just different amounts. Air = 21% Oxygen and 79% Nitrogen, Nitrox 32 = 32% Oxygen and 68% Nitrogen - that is the only difference to what you are breathing.  Learn all about it and get certified with this class and dive combo. 

Starting at 9:00am on Sunday, 12th September, the PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty course will be classroom based, followed by an afternoon East End 1-tank boat dive on Nitrox.

Nitrox Specialty Deal - Only CI$129.00

Includes : materials, half-day classroom session and exam, followed by an afternoon East End 1-tank
(Nitrox) boat dive and the processing of your Nitrox cert card!

True or False - Top 10 Reasons to get Nitrox Certified?

  • Gives you longer bottom times
  • Makes you swim faster
  • Shortens your surface intervals
  • Makes you look cool with the fancy sticker
  • Safer if diving air profiles
  • Reduces air/gas consumption
  • Nitrox is required for some of our special trips
  • You get to re-learn the dive tables, as you've probably forgot
  • Green and yellow are your favorite colors
  • Nitrox makes you more attractive to your dive buddy

Answers will be provided by your PADI Instructor.

Space is limited. This special rate ONLY applies to Sunday 12th September 2021.

What's not included ? Lunch - but why not head up to Eagle Ray's on the Pool Deck for some lunch before getting ready to head off for your first Nitrox dive ?

Why is the Nitrox course (or Enriched Air Diver course) one of the most popular specialty courses ? Well it’s quick and divers get so many benefits like being able to stay down longer and being able to get back in the water quicker.

Anyone who holds an Open Water certificate can take the course. The minimum age is 12 years old. Completion of the PADI Medical Questionnaire prior to course commencement is required.

On the course, you will have a ‘classroom’ session where you will learn all about the relationship between the gasses, pressures, and your limitations when diving with Nitrox. Specifically, you will learn why diving with Nitrox has more oxygen and less nitrogen that will give you more bottom time, the enriched air equipment, and as always
safety considerations and hazards.

You will also learn how to analyze the gas mix in your tank, and this is something you will need to do yourself, as well as working out your depth and time limits to pass the test.

What is involved in the PADI nitrox exam?

It’s actually pretty simple and nothing you need to worry about, so long as you pay attention, of course! The actual PADI Nitrox exam consists of 25 questions that you will need to answer on a written paper. You will also need to be able to analyze the oxygen percentage of the Nitrox and learn a few simple mathematical formulas, but all of this will be covered on the course.


  • PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Manual
  • Classroom Instruction & Exam
  • PADI Certification Processing
  • 1-Tank Boat Dive
  • 1 tank of 32% Nitrox

Not Included:

  • Rental Dive Equipment
  • Lunch
  • Transportation
  • Gratuities

For reservations, book today by email-
or phone 345-947-0000

Nitrox Certification - CI Residents Special Offer!

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