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Ocean Frontiers Diving & Snorkeling Adventures in the Cayman Islands


Launched in 2013, the first underwater webcam was installed in the Cayman Islands in partnership with Ocean Frontiers Ltd., Teens4Oceans, and View into the Blue.

The first reef cam has been installed on a lagoon reef system on Grand Cayman's East End. This live solar-powered camera overlooks a boulder star coral, known as a "cleaning station," where larger fish come to be cleaned by small cleaner wrasse and shrimp. Keep an eye out for blue tangs, porcupine fish, spotted eagle rays, southern stingrays, nurse sharks, barracudas, turtles, snorkelers and the occasional Caribbean reef shark!

The shallow East End reef site of ‘South Channel Gardens’ was selected for the primary camera due to improved natural lighting compared to at depth and that it can be visiting on Ocean Frontiers’ 3-Stop East End Snorkel boat trip. 

Viewers are encouraged to post comments in the chat and take screenshots of any interesting marine life and post those in the chat to help us keep a sightings log. 



Ocean Frontiers sponsors and provides the unmanned communications barge and marine support for the maintenance of this platform in the Cayman Islands. The shore based receiver and internet bandwidth for uploading the feed is also provided by Ocean Frontiers. View into the Blue provide all camera and network equipment in addition to technical expertise for the install of the camera systems. provides streaming services and is also sponsor for this camera.

Plans are in progress to replace the weather webcam for a topside view of Cayman, along with additional underwater webcams at different depths and zones of the reef.