Dawn Stingrays Snorkel Boat Trip


Dawn Stingrays Snorkel Boat Trip

Dawn Stingrays | North Sound | 1-Stop | US$60.00

For those who want the ultimate Stingray experience, this is it. 90 minutes on the Sandbar, no crowds and lots of Stingrays. A favorite with film crews: BBC, Nat Geo, Discovery - bring your waterproof camera.

Sunrise | Friday | Check-In Kaibo 06:30AM

The choice of BBC, Discovery Channel and National Geographic for who they use and how they photograph the Stingrays. Chances are if you have seen the large schools of Stingrays on TV or the cover of a magazine, they were shot from out boat on our 'Dawn Stingray' trip.  A favorite with photographers and nature lovers. However you want to measure it, this is the best way to see Cayman's Stingrays with the Ocean Frontiers 'Dawn Stingray' Original:


  • More Stingrays per person ratio
  • Avoid the Crowds and have the Sandbar to yourself for at least 1 hour
  • A full 90 minutes on the Sandbar
  • water shallow enough to stand up
  • Trip scheduled on Friday to avoid the Cruise Ship traffic
  • Photographer Friendly - Discovery, Nat Geo, BBC use Ocean Frontiers

Trip Details:

  • Max Pax = 12 Snorkelers / Crew = 2
  • Destination = Stingray Sandbar 
  • Duration = 2.5 hours (90 Minutes on the Sandbar) 
  • Check-In at Kaibo = 6:30AM
  • Return to Kaibo = 9:00AM
  • Restrictions = Min Age 8 years old / All passengers must be able to swim
  • Equipment = Mask & Snorkel Included (Fins / Footwear not permitted) 
  • Price = US$60 per person

Note: This is a Snorkel Trip, not a scuba diving trip. Although it is possible to dive with the Stingrays at the Deep Stingray City site, we recommend a snorkel trip to the Sandbar for divers and snorkelers alike. The Sandbar offers a great opportunity to interact with one of the world's largest populations of Southern Stingrays.