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Now Open, Come on Down....

  • Stephen Broadbelt
  • November 29th 2021
Now Open, Come on Down....

Yes- WE ARE OPEN!!! Let's Go Scuba Diving in the Cayman Islands. Zero quarantine required... arrive at the airport and you'll be starting your vacation on day zero and enjoying your favorite place just like you never left. All visitors to Cayman are required to be fully vaccinated and have taken a Covid-19 PCR test 72 hours prior.  Post arrival, A rapid antigen test (LFT) will be conducted onsite at Compass Point / Ocean Frontiers on Day 2 and Day 5 of your visit (cost is included in all dive and stay packages).  

If your vaccine card has a QR code on it, then the process is slick and quick to get approval to travel. If there is no QR code, you just have to upload it for review by a human, which doesn't take long, but is an extra step.
Apply here to get your approval to travel:-

Sign in or set up and account and then apply for a 'Travel Declaration' (Do Not apply for a Travel Request - that is for those who are not vaccinated and will need to quarantine).

Ocean Frontiers is ready, Compass Point is ready, Eagle Rays is ready, and Cayman is ready..... What are you waiting for?


Cayman Islands COVID-19 Guidelines for Scuba Diving (Outdoors) - PHASE 4


At all times for all parties involved (Staff and Guests)

  • Wearing face coverings are highly encouraged whenever possible
  • Sanitize/wash hands frequently
  • Practice social distancing & avoid congregating whenever possible
  • If feeling unwell, refrain from participating in social activities
  • Public transport/courtesy shuttles are allowed but are subjected to Public Transport Guidelines


Pre-Activity preparation

  • Where possible, administrative duties conducted digitally (waivers, cert cards, payment)
  • All equipment and areas to be disinfected before use
  • Face coverings must be worn inside the dive shop
  • Walk-ins are encouraged to cleanse hands before moving to dive (e.g. soap and water or hand sanitizers based on layout of operation)


Onboard Dive Vessels

  • Max capacity: 10 passengers not including staff or 80% of capacity, whichever is higher 
  • Disinfect high points of contact frequently/between dives
  • Avoid cross contamination of individual dive gear 
  • No communal rinse buckets onboard for masks (not applicable for general gear)
  • No spitting in masks or for any other reason (use of defogging products instead)
  • No shared food services on board; any food must be individually packaged


Post-Activity practices

  • Disinfect all equipment and areas 
  • Maintain detailed log of cleaning and disinfection protocols


Scuba Gear:

  • All dive and snorkel gear will be soaked in a bleach-based disinfectant solution or its equivalent, then rinsed with fresh water (please refer to Divers Alert Network [DAN] for disinfection standards)
  • Rental gear must not be reused the same day and disinfected following approved protocols. 
Now Open, Come on Down....

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