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Night Diving at Ocean Frontiers

  • Brian Hellemn
  • August 03rd 2023
Night Diving at Ocean Frontiers

The Magic of Night Diving in the Cayman Islands


As spectacular as the diving on the East End is during the day, experiencing it during the night is a uniquely stimulating nature experience.



The Other Side of Sunset


Our special multi-color flashlights unlock the vibrant colors and nocturnal wildlife of the East End coral reefs. When you book a night dive with Ocean Frontiers, a dive light is included with your trip and 

"What you'll see is neon vibrant colors, almost like a disco show under the sea," says Logan Panton, our dive master and instructor. "We often choose the Macro Mania site, known as Sunset Reef, for our night dives because of the stunning display of giant anemones and other corals when lit up by our UV lights."

Our night dives are specially designed to let you explore this hidden wonder in complete safety and at your own pace. You have unlimited bottom time, allowing you to soak in the psychedelic colors at leisure. The shallow reef dive inside the protected East End lagoon means calm waters with no surge or current.



A Whole New Spectrum of Colors


"Ocean Frontiers is committed to innovative and interesting ways to explore our coral reefs," says dive master and instructor, Evan. "Our multifunction lights let our divers see the reef in different shades. It's like going through a neon park while diving."

We use specially designed multi-color flashlights with Ultra Violet, Red night vision, and Warm White color options that you can change during your dive. These flashlights let you see marine like never before, illuminating the Green Fluorescence Protein (GFP) in some corals, anemones, and shrimp, making them glow in the dark.

"The lights we use are multifunctional. You can dive with a white light, a red light, a UV light, or a blue light, all from the same handheld system," Andy, another dive master and instructor adds. "We choose dive sites that highlight the UV, like Sunset Reef, where lots of sea anemones glow green. You'll also see lobsters and octopuses."


Dive into the Night


Ocean Frontiers Dive Shop offers scheduled Night Dives every Wednesday and on full moon nights throughout the year. The night dives depart from Ocean Frontiers' dock at Compass Point Dive Resort in East End, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, usually between 5:30pm and 6:30pm depending on the season.

For just US$80, the package includes the boat trip, air tank, guide, towel, drinking water, lead weights, belt, multi-color LED flashlights, and of course, muffins and hot chocolate once you're back on board. Please note, diver certification is required, and riders are permitted on night dives for US$30.

So why wait? Come, dive with us, and witness the magic of the ocean under the starlit sky. Dive into the night, and unveil the magic that lies beneath the surface.





Night Diving at Ocean Frontiers

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