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Marine Camps -Easter Marine Camp 2021

  • Lesley Agostinelli
  • February 26th 2021
Marine Camps -Easter Marine Camp 2021

The next Ocean Frontiers Marine Camp runs from the 6th - 9th April. 

Our focus is to keep the campers out on the boats and on and in the water to engage with the environment and see what they have learned from the class sessions in action.  Each morning starts with a short academic session and immediately followed by in-water activities from our dive and snorkel boats. This is repeated in the afternoon, with different topics and in-water activities to a different coral reef site or area.


The Ocean Frontiers' Marine Camp is suitable for students aged 10-17 years of age. 

The Campers will experience a selection of the following activities:-

  • Boat Skills - learn the ropes of crewing a boat with fun teamwork challenges.
  • Sea Safety - practice safety drills, man-overboard, flare tests and a life-raft race.
  • Marine Parks - know the rules and know why.
  • Hazardous Marine Life - learn how to stay safe in Cayman's waters. What's safe and what's not.
  • Sponges & Invertebrates - the fascinating lives of Cayman's sponges and starfish.
  • Maritime History  - wrecks and artificial reefs of the Cayman Islands.
  • Coral Restoration in action - learn about our coral nurseries with hands-on experiences.
  • Sharks - Why we must protect them and observe them in the wild.
  • Turtles -  Expanded session all about those turtle dudes.
  • Rays - Indepth session going into depth on our celebrity marine life.
  • Invasive Lionfish - Cull the invasive species and watch a full dissection, followed by a cooking demo and tasting.
  • Freediving Clinic  - learn the basics techniques of breath-hold or skin diving.
  • Mangroves  - explore these vital nurseries of the sea.
  • Under the microscope  - zoom in for a closer look at the building blocks of the coral reef ecosystems.
  • A Day in the Life of a Marine Biologist  - learn what working in the field is like and future career choices.

All sessions are run by qualified marine biologists and experienced and certified boat captains.  The campers have direct supervision from the moment we pick them up, throughout the day, in the water, out of the water, lunch time and until we drop them off and release them to a parent or authorized care-giver.  All staff are trained in Rescue, First Aid and CPR.  All vessels are inspected and certified by the Cayman Islands Port Authority.

The Marine Camp runs from 9:00am to 4.00pm daily.

Marine Camp prices:  $399.00 for 4 day camp

A free shuttle pick-up and drop-off is offered from Hurley's - by the old recycling center at 8.15am and return at 4.45pm or Countryside Shopping Village - By the Subway store at 8.30am and return at 4.30pm

Please note lunch is not included in the camp so you can either send your child with a packed lunch and snacks or money for lunch at  Subway Sandwiches.

For reservations, call: 345-947-0000 or email:

Marine Camps -Easter Marine Camp 2021

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