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Bloody Bay Expeditions to Little Cayman, Day-trips from Grand Cayman with Ocean Frontiers

  • Stephen Broadbelt
  • September 18th 2022
Bloody Bay Expeditions to Little Cayman, Day-trips from Grand Cayman with Ocean Frontiers

At the root of Ocean Frontiers’ DNA is adventure.  From Sharks, to 12-Mile Banks, from X-Dives to Coral Spawning… if there is an opportunity for an adventure, we’ll run with it!


Our Little Cayman Day-trips focus on Bloody Bay Wall to dive three (3) legendary sites like Mixing Bowl, Randy’s Gazebo, and Lea Lea’s Lookout - all in one (1) day.   Site selection is a key part of the planning process, we want to curate the best of the best experience inside the marine park to make sure the journey is worth it in every sense.  


The summer and fall months normally provide the best chance to run day trips to Little Cayman, and even then, it is not for everyone.  You need five variables in your favor:-


1- The Weather.  You need those calm summer and fall days of <10 knots of wind to make a fast smooth crossing. There are occasional weather breaks in the winter months, that allow for some last-minute spur-of-the-moment adventures. 


2- The Vessel.  Not just any ole dive boat can handle this. Ocean Frontiers’ state-of-the-art, 46 foot Newton with 810 horsepower and large enough fuel tanks is what it takes to make it there and back in a day. A lesser boat can not handle it- size and speed matter. 


3- The Technology.  By state of the art, we mean the latest Navionics navigation systems, 4G Radar, AIS Collision Avoidance and Man-Overboard tracking and InReach web-based GPS tracking system that can be viewed online with live updates.  Our dive boats are spec’d out for off-shore exploration. 


4- The Crew.  When your crew has off-shore deliveries in the 1,000-mile range with overnight passages, a quick jaunt to the Sister Islands is small potatoes. However, every mile out-of-sight of land needs to be taken seriously, and that’s what our experienced crew will do and have the experience to match.  Your safety is our number one priority and every step is comprehensively planned.


5- The Divers. This expedition-style trip is not for everyone. All three dives will typically be on Nitrox (included), but Air dives and snorkel options are available.  Bloody Bay diving, by most standards, is very easy, very shallow, and suitable for all levels of recreational divers and snorkelers- but the real price of admission is a strong sense of adventure and the kind of person who will appreciate this unique experience for what it is- an amazing trip you will not soon forget.  When we leave the dock at sunrise, there is no turning back...


Why didn't we do this before?  

Our old boats simply did not have the capability to run these kinds of trips, much like most dive operations in Cayman. Since 2017 we have added three brand new Integrity Class 46 foot Newton Dive boats to our fleet and retired our old boats.  Also, Little Cayman trips are difficult to schedule in advance with tourism visitors, as a degree of flexibility is required due to weather.


Sample Itinerary:- 

  • Check-In      @  5:30 AM
  • Depart Dock East End   @  6:00 AM
  • Journey to Bloody Bay & Breakfast:  ~3.5 hours @ 17 knots
  • Dive Site 1    @ 09:45 AM
  • Start Dive 1  @ 10:00 AM
  • End Dive  1  @ 10:45 AM
  • Surface Interval  45-60mins
  • Start Dive 2  @  11:45 PM
  • End Dive 2   @  12:30 PM
  • Surface Interval & Lunch  45-60mins
  • Start Dive 3  @  1:30 PM
  • End Dive 3   @  2:15 PM
  • Return journey to East End  ~3.5 hours @ 17 knots
  • Arrive back to East End Dock  @  6:00 PM


Why does our East End location make it all possible?  

Leaving from any other point on Grand Cayman would add an hour to the boat journey in each direction, reducing the number of dives made from three down to only two - then it comes down to the question of if it is worth it.  Departing for this expedition from the East End makes all the difference and takes advantage of our closest point-to-point location to Little Cayman and Bloody Bay Wall. 


There is no better way to travel as a diver, onboard our best-in-class Newtons. With your individual tank stations and extra comfort features such as bean bags, folding chairs, and lots of shade, we’ll be sure to make sure time flies as we hop from Grand Cayman to Little Cayman, quicker than you can drive to the airport, wait in line and check-in for your flight, go through airport security, wait for your flight, wait to onboard, take the flight, wait for your bags on arrival, get transport to the dive boat, take the boat ride to the dive site….. meanwhile, your buddies who went with Ocean Frontiers are already on their first wall dive….. you get the picture!  


This Little Cayman day-trip is your best opportunity to simply dive the Bloody Bay Marine Park. The trips only run when the weather is perfect and that is difficult to predict- so when the opportunity comes along, we suggest you book your seat and jump on-board. 


For reservations, call: 345-640-7500


Bloody Bay Expeditions to Little Cayman, Day-trips from Grand Cayman with Ocean Frontiers

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