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Little Bluff

  • Brian Hellemn
  • May 15th 2023
Little Bluff

Dive Site Name: Little Bluff


Key Facts & Information

  • Location: 30 minutes drive from the dock
  • Dive Site Background: Named after 'Bluff Bay' on the shoreline and surrounding area, Little Bluff offers a quintessential Caribbean diving experience.
  • Dive Site Details: Depths range from 20-60 feet. Highlights include the rolling meadows of coral teeming with life, and various types of Hamlets.
  • Fun Fact or Anecdote: Hamlets are unique because they have many color variations, yet they are all the same shape and size.
  • Practical Information: Explore the deeper sections of the site and look for different types of Hamlets, including the rare Golden Hamlet.
  • Safety and Conservation: Practice responsible diving and follow standard diving guidelines to protect the delicate marine life.


It was named after 'Bluff Bay' on the shoreline and surrounding area. Little Bluff is the Caribbean diving you dreamed of from TV and movies, books and magazines, and jaw-dropping nature documentaries.


While there is no doubt that we love the thrill of adventure offered by some of our other dives, sometimes you need to simply drop down 20 – 40 feet onto rolling meadows of coral teeming with life! Little Bluff rarely suffers from currents or surge - it's so easy! Feel the calm wash over you as you move effortlessly through the still water seeing the stunning aquatic scenery.


For those who want more adventure, head north and follow the long fingers of coral toward the deeper sections of the site. Little Bluff is an easy site to navigate, these low spines of rock offer divers a natural compass. They almost always run north/south, formed over millennia by the waves' erosion. As a result, they sit perpendicular to the shoreline. Divers can follow one north for a while, hop to the next one and follow it back, easy!


For you fish collectors out there, keep a beady eye out for all the different types of Hamlet that can easily be found here. Hamlets are small fish that swim close to the reef. They are unique because many color variations exist, yet they are all the same shape and size. They all share the characteristic blue 'lightning bolts' around the eyes, but everything else varies significantly. The most familiar are Barred Hamlets, the pale stripy ones you see on most dives. Rarer, however, are the Batman-looking Masked Hamlets and the strikingly blue/purple Indigo Hamlets. The real holy grail is to find the 'rarer than rare' Golden Hamlet. This specimen features on the front cover of the fish ID book for a reason – they are just so beautiful.


We are not 'bluffing' when we say that Little Bluff is an absolute favorite!


About Ocean Frontiers Ltd.

Ocean Frontiers Dive Shop is located on the remote East End of Grand Cayman. Founded in 1996 with one dive boat and a dream to introduce divers to the wonders of East End diving, the company has grown into one of Cayman’s premier dive operations with a reputation for legendary customer service and having the island’s friendliest staff.  Ocean Frontiers is also recognized as one of the most conservation-minded dive operators in the Cayman Islands with a long history of promoting ocean protection through its company programs, and an unwavering support for outside environmental projects. The winner of Project AWARE’s Environmental Achievement Award in 2004 and 2010, Ocean Frontiers has again been recognized in 2012. The company also received the PADI Green Star Dive Center accreditation in 2012 for demonstrating a dedication to conservation, the first dive operator in the Cayman Islands to receive this distinction.

Little Bluff

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