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Lionfish Elimination Challenge 2020

  • Stephen Broadbelt
  • July 13th 2020
Lionfish Elimination Challenge 2020

Sharpen your spears and prepare to fill your tubes when we dive off the beaten path and dive into no-mans land.  Join Ocean Frontiers record holding team for a weekend of diving unhunted territory where the invasive lionfish have been left unchecked for years. Lionfish fear us...


Venture away from the moored dive sites on the island's premium fleet of dive boats - built to explore with loads of space to spend the whole day.


Ocean Frontiers has culled over 12,000 invasive Lionfish since they were first discovered in Cayman waters 10 years ago.  This environmental movement is critical to the survival of our coral reefs and is highly dependent on resident divers and the support through local restaurants to serve them on their menus. Come and do your part and enjoy some amazing dives in the process. When was the last time you got to dive where other divers have never seen before? 


Each hunt will be a 3+ tank dive all-day trip, where we start early and dive all day until we run out of tanks. Nitrox and nitrox dive computers are required for all dives.  Divers will be deployed using our secret 'parachute drop' technique to cover over a mile of reef per boat for each tank.  Bring your own lunch and get some rest the night before.


Divers may enter as teams, groups of friends, corporate groups, or teams will be allocated on the boat the day of the trip, for any diver without a team.


Recognition is provided in the following categories each day:-

  •  Longest Lionfish
  •  Highest overall catch quantity
  •  Highest overall catch in weight
  •  Smallest Lionfish
  •  Best overall boat (highest points)
  •  Booby prize

The winner in each category will receive a certificate and a gift certificate from either Ocean Frontiers, Eagle Rays or Compass Point Dive Resort.

Price = CI$99 per diver per day, including a free beer and Lionfish tasting each day.  Book both days, price = CI$150. All dives include free nitrox.

Spearers must have their own spears and be trained and licensed to cull Lionfish.  Spotters and tube carrier divers welcome.

Saturday 1st August, start time 7:00 am
Sunday 2nd August, start time 7:00 am

Includes 3 or more dives, free nitrox, a cold beer and lionfish tasting after the dives.  Divers may keep one lionfish per diver to take home to cook.

Post July 19th easing of COVID-19 restrictions will apply.

Book today by email:-  or call 345-947-0000 or 345-640-7500

Lionfish Elimination Challenge 2020

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