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Green Shorts Challenge

  • Brian Hellemn
  • July 27th 2023
Green Shorts Challenge

Green Shorts Challenge: Dive All 55 Sites at Ocean Frontiers


Famed for our incredible dive sites and exceptional service, Ocean Frontiers on the East End of Grand Cayman introduced the ultimate diving adventure – the Green Shorts Challenge. If you're passionate about exploring the world beneath the waves, our challenge encourages you to conquer all 55 sites within the East End dive zone, marking your victories in our custom logbook. Just as golfers dream of donning the Masters Tournament's Green Jacket, and cyclists aspire to wear the Tour De France's Yellow Jersey, divers worldwide dream of earning their Green Shorts.


Our challenge isn't a race against the clock, but a personal journey into the stunning depths of the East End. All previously logged dives count, and there is no time limit on completing the challenge. Our dive instructor Logan Panton, donning his own pair of Green Shorts, "It was essentially you dive all 55 sites that we offer and you get a pair of specialized green shorts.And as opposed to the green shorts that we sell in the office, this has a patch that's saying that you completed your green shorts challenge. You get a brass plaque that will be forever mounted and concrete on the walkway down to the boats."








To complete the challenge and join the ranks of Ocean Frontiers elites, you'll need to navigate 27 wall dives and 28 shallow reefs dives. Once you've completed all 55, the celebrations commence. As Logan describes it, "as soon as you complete it, you'll get a party for you. Essentially there'll be cake, champagne. Steve will come down, or Mo will come down and a bunch of other crew members will come down and celebrate saying, oh, congratulations. You get a medal. And it's a very fun experience."




Each successful diver receives a special edition pair of Green Shorts, an Ocean Frontiers Gold Medal, and a bronze plaque bearing their name. This plaque is proudly displayed on the 'Divers Walk of Fame' at Compass Point Dive Resort, forever connecting them to the magical East End diving.


As Steve Broadbelt, owner of Ocean Frontiers adds, "when you have completed the challenge, you get a nice heavy gold medal, and some special edition green shorts. And then you also get a six inch bronze plaque that's got your name on it and then that's installed on the walkway down to the dock. So you're part of the company history for eternity."




To conquer the challenge, consider the seasons and the East End's distinct geography and topography. Some zones are more accessible during certain times of the year. Also, it usually takes more than 55 individual dives or 27.5 two-tank dive trips to complete the challenge due to unpredictable Cayman weather conditions. However, as Logan ensures, "the captains know that you are doing your green short challenge and we're trying everything to get you your sites."


Green Shorts Challenge

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