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Feature Dive Site - Breakers Cutback

  • Steve Broadbelt
  • September 04th 2019
Feature Dive Site - Breakers Cutback

Not only is Breakers Cutback dive site #55 on the Green Short Challenge, it is our furthest away from the Ocean Frontiers dock and one of the less frequently visited sites.


Breakers Cutback is named after the small village on shore, but also named ‘cutback’ due to the vertical undercut of the wall that drops off and cuts back underneath itself to create a dramatic euphoric vertigo sensation while swimming over the edge. There is more to Breakers than the disappearing face of the Cayman Trench (25,216 Feet deep), with four geological breaks in the wall, creating canyons to swim out through and in to the blue. An unsung feature of Breakers Cutback is the double edged nature of this wall zone, not only is there an incredible drop-off on the south face in to the abyss, the back side of the reef zone enjoys a mini-wall, with its own overhang, shouldered by an exansive sand patch that reflects the Caribbean sunshine and lights up the whole reef. The mini-wall makes for a perfect shallow route back to the boat, especially if you've been running the first half of your dive at 100 feet. 


How we dive Breakers Cutback:-    The top of the wall at Breakers Cutback and mooring pin depth is 50 feet, with the sand patch below the mini-wall is 75 feet deep.  The mooring pin is located at the Eastern end of the site in front of a deep canyon to enter on to the wall. Once on the wall, take a right turn and head West. After passing a couple of canyons, turning a slight corner around a buttress, you will arrive in and under the 'cutback'.  Continuing West, you will reach another canyon that will diliver you back up to the shallows to skirt along the mini-wall, leading you back to the dive boat for a safety stop.  All dives are offered as escorted tours by one of our expert guides. Experienced divers are welcome to exlpore in their buddy teams. A detailed dive briefing and illustrated map are provided before each dive. 


Diver Diane Hill gliding along a coral reef wall looking at large, colorful orange elephant ear sponge (Agelas clathrodes). Photo by Alex Mustard, taken at Breakers Cutback, East End, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.


Breakers Cutback dive site map can be viewed on page 66 of our downloadable dive guide and log book

Feature Dive Site - Breakers Cutback

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