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Ocean Frontiers Diving & Snorkeling Adventures in the Cayman Islands

Snorkeling Trips

Shipwreck Snorkel Boat Trip in Grand Cayman - Shipwreck Snorkel

Snorkel the ex-USS Kittiwake, Cayman biggest and best shipwreck and artificial reef. 251 feet long and starting only 10 feet from the surface. A haven for marine life, a breathtaking experience. Price includes entry fee.

Trips Per Diver

X-Snorkel Adventure Boat Trip in Grand Cayman - X-Snorkel

Snorkel an undisclosed location with your guide to navigate point-to-point along the East End Barrier Reef for a one-of-a-kind experience. Float continuously over a 1,000 meter stretch of untouched coral reefs.

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Reef & Rays Snorkel Boat Trip in Grand Cayman - Reef & Rays

The best of both in one boat trip. Visit the amazing Stingrays in waist deep water at the Sandbar on one-stop and then make a 2nd stop to explore the vibrant and untouched coral reefs of Rum Point.

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Champagne Stingrays Snorkel Boat Trip in Grand Cayman - Champagne Stingrays

Champagne Stingrays Snorkel Boat Trips in Grand Cayman
The 'After-Party' but with Stingrays. Enjoy a more relaxed Stingray encounter in the late afternoon golden sun, after the crowds have departed, followed by a boat ride home sipping bubbly and watching the sun set.

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Stingray Sandbar Snorkel Boat Trip in Grand Cayman - Stingray Sandbar

We run Stingray Snorkel Trips to the Sandbar during more civilized hours at 1:30PM, running on Friday's. These trips are great for families or people who are diving in the morning.

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Dawn Stingrays Snorkel Boat Trip in Grand Cayman - Dawn Stingrays

For those who want the ultimate Stingray experience, this is it. +60 minutes on the Sandbar, no crowds and lots of Stingrays. A favorite with film crews: BBC, Nat Geo, Discovery - bring your camera.

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Private Boat Charters in Grand Cayman for Snorkeling - Private Charters

If you are travelling to the Cayman Islands in a group or with the whole family of 5 to 9 people, you should consider chartering the whole boat and it may even save you a few dollars. Enjoy the snorkel boat to yourselves where you decide how long you stay at each snorkel stop and which site you go to next, or even if you want to spend the whole time exploring one specific area, then a charter would be the perfect fit for your group. Perhaps you want to explore some of the reefs we don't normall

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Spotlight - Spotlight

We shine a spotlight on views and comments by our customers and staff to give you an insight in to why you should come diving with Ocean Frontiers in the Cayman Islands.