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Ocean Frontiers Diving & Snorkeling Adventures in the Cayman Islands

Snorkeling Trips

X-Snorkel Adventure Boat Trip in Grand Cayman - X-Snorkel

Snorkel an undisclosed location with your guide to navigate point-to-point along the East End Barrier Reef for a one-of-a-kind experience. Float continuously over a 1,000 meter stretch of untouched coral reefs.

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Reef & Rays Snorkel Boat Trip in Grand Cayman - Reef & Rays

The best of both in one boat trip. Visit the amazing Stingrays in waist deep water at the Sandbar on one-stop and then make a 2nd stop to explore the vibrant and untouched coral reefs of Rum Point.

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Champagne Stingrays Snorkel Boat Trip in Grand Cayman - Champagne Stingrays

Champagne Stingrays Snorkel Boat Trips in Grand Cayman
The 'After-Party' but with Stingrays. Enjoy a more relaxed Stingray encounter in the late afternoon golden sun, after the crowds have departed, followed by a boat ride home sipping bubbly and watching the sun set.

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Stingray Sandbar Snorkel Boat Trip in Grand Cayman - Stingray Sandbar

We run Stingray Snorkel Trips to the Sandbar during more civilized hours at 1:30PM, running on Friday's. These trips are great for families or people who are diving in the morning.

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Dawn Stingrays Snorkel Boat Trip in Grand Cayman - Dawn Stingrays

For those who want the ultimate Stingray experience, this is it. +60 minutes on the Sandbar, no crowds and lots of Stingrays. A favorite with film crews: BBC, Nat Geo, Discovery - bring your camera.

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Private Boat Charters in Grand Cayman for Snorkeling - Private Charters

If you are travelling to the Cayman Islands in a group or with the whole family of 5 to 9 people, you should consider chartering the whole boat and it may even save you a few dollars.

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Spotlight - Spotlight

We shine a spotlight on views and comments by our customers and staff to give you an insight in to why you should come diving with Ocean Frontiers in the Cayman Islands.