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Master your Finning Technique - The Flutter Kick vs. the Frog Kick

  • Brian Hellemn
  • October 04th 2023
Master your Finning Technique - The Flutter Kick vs. the Frog Kick

At Ocean Frontiers, we’re constantly navigating through the caverns, canyonways, and swim-throughs that make the East End of the Grand Cayman so dynamic. This can present problems for the beginner diver, as these often tight spaces can bring them close to the sand and silt on the bottom, as well as delicate marine life, and present the chance of accidentally kicking or otherwise disturbing the environment around you.


James Snelgrove, our Head Boat Captain, emphasizes that the key to a smooth and efficient dive without disturbing the reef is mastering the art of finning techniques. And today, let’s delve into that!

Flutter Kick: A Beginner’s First Finning Technique


Most of us start with the Flutter Kick – a straight, up and down movement of the legs. It’s simple, easy on the joints, and, well, it gets us from point A to B.


But James points out a notable drawback: It directs water both upwards and downwards. That's not always a good friend to the delicate ecosystems beneath or above us, especially when cruising through those fascinating swim-throughs at East End. The Flutter Kick can disturb silt, sand, and even that ceiling you’re trying to avoid bopping your head on. Not the ideal, right?


Frog Kick: An Advanced Move for Curious Explorers


Enter the Frog Kick - a bit trickier but oh so rewarding once you get the hang of it! Here, instead of propelling water vertically, you’re pushing it backwards. It's more efficient, conserving your energy, and propelling you several feet forward with a single sweep of the legs.


James affirms, “The frog kick prevents kicking corals, sponges, and interacting with marine life in a negative way.” It’s a gentle technique, prioritizing not only our ease but also safeguarding our vibrant coral environments and the exquisite creatures dwelling within. Photographers, this one’s a gem for you – getting close without causing chaos? Frog Kick’s your pal.

Mastering the Kick



Keen on giving the Frog Kick a go? Here’s a quick guide from Captain James:


  • Neutral Start: Legs slightly bent, relaxed.
  • Heel Pull: Bring heels together and pull them toward you.
  • Scoop & Push: Scoop the water and propel it backward, visualizing that fluid motion.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Integrate a few minutes of frog kick practice in your dives, and soon it'll become second nature!

Learning with Ocean Frontiers: A Leap Beyond the Basics


Our dive masters are always thrilled to help you sharpen those finning skills amidst the vibrant coral reefs of the Grand Cayman. Whether it’s getting the hang of that frog kick or refining your flutter, we’re here for it!


Considering taking it a step further? Our Peak Performance Buoyancy course doesn’t just cover trim and weight but deep dives (pun intended!) into fin kicks to maximize your dive experiences.


Ready to level up your scuba diving skills with advanced techniques at Ocean Frontiers? Get the best training and diving experience Grand Cayman has to offer. Check out our PADI course offerings on our website, and reach out to the dive shop to for help finding the right course for you.

About Ocean Frontiers Ltd.

Ocean Frontiers Dive Shop is located on the remote East End of Grand Cayman. Founded in 1996 with one dive boat and a dream to introduce divers to the wonders of East End diving, the company has grown into one of Cayman’s premier dive operations with a reputation for legendary customer service and having the island’s friendliest staff.  Ocean Frontiers is also recognized as one of the most conservation-minded dive operators in the Cayman Islands with a long history of promoting ocean protection through its company programs, and an unwavering support for outside environmental projects. The winner of Project AWARE’s Environmental Achievement Award in 2004 and 2010, Ocean Frontiers has again been recognized in 2012. The company also received the PADI Green Star Dive Center accreditation in 2012 for demonstrating a dedication to conservation, the first dive operator in the Cayman Islands to receive this distinction.

Master your Finning Technique - The Flutter Kick vs. the Frog Kick

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