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Chub Hole - The Beginning of the Corner

  • Brian Hellemn
  • August 22nd 2023
Chub Hole - The Beginning of the Corner

Dive Site: Chub Hole


Location: East End, Grand Cayman, just off Colliers Bay, a 20 minutes boat ride from the dock
Dive Site Background: Named Chub Hole for the abundant schools of Bermuda Chub that populate the site. This spot, deemed a nightmare by fisherman because of the hard-to-catch fish, is a dream dive location.
Dive Site Details: Dive among tunnels, canyons, and archways. Highlights include large schools of Bermuda Chub, tarpon, Loggerhead turtles, and rarer critters such as slipper lobster. Depths range from 40 to 80 feet.
Fun Fact or Anecdote: Chub Hole is a sanctuary for Bermuda Chub, a fish species avoided by fishermen, making it a serene location for divers.
Practical Information: Check out the miniwall to the southeast of the pin for the best view of tarpon, and remember to look out into the blue for possible sightings of giant Loggerhead turtles.
Safety and Conservation: Follow standard diving guidelines and ensure to not disturb the local marine life. Remember, we are guests in their home.


Chub Hole, a dive site just off Colliers Bay, is a dreamy underwater utopia. Thanks to its notorious reputation among local fisherman as a haven for the tricky-to-catch Bermuda Chub, this site is left undisturbed, allowing for a breathtaking display of marine biodiversity.


Here, you'll find a diverse landscape dotted with archways, tunnels, and canyons. To the southeast, the miniwall is a playground for divers. Schools of Bermuda Chub, the site's namesake, flit through the water, shimmering in the Caribbean sunlight. You'll also want to keep an eye out for tarpon, which, as Operations Manager Andy Wilson shares, "Chub hole just underneath the boat has a load of cool swim throughs. It's very popular with tarpon. They like to hang out there and when you're moving through that area, you'll often find like big beams of light coming down like this, and they'll be Tarpon hanging out in that area there. They don't hang out there for fun… There's loads of cool little schooling, fish and stuff hanging around there that they're trying to eat.



Chub Hole isn't just about its fishy residents. In the gloomy recesses of the reef, look out for the prehistoric-looking slipper lobster, and if you're lucky, you might spot a Loggerhead turtle. "There is nothing quite like seeing these dinosaurs cruising about the reef," the site description reads.


The northern part of the reef offers an open, less restricted environment with towering fingers of coral extending from the seabed. Here, you might find a myriad of tiny juvenile fish.


Remember, Chub Hole is a haven for marine life, so always dive with respect for the creatures who call it home. As always, follow standard safety guidelines, and here's hoping you have an unforgettable dive at Chub Hole!


About Ocean Frontiers Ltd. 

Ocean Frontiers Dive Shop is located on the remote East End of Grand Cayman. Founded in 1996 with one dive boat and a dream to introduce divers to the wonders of East End diving, the company has grown into one of Cayman’s premier dive operations with a reputation for legendary customer service and having the island’s friendliest staff.  Ocean Frontiers is also recognized as one of the most conservation-minded dive operators in the Cayman Islands with a long history of promoting ocean protection through its company programs, and an unwavering support for outside environmental projects. The winner of Project AWARE’s Environmental Achievement Award in 2004 and 2010, Ocean Frontiers has again been recognized in 2012. The company also received the PADI Green Star Dive Center accreditation in 2012 for demonstrating a dedication to conservation, the first dive operator in the Cayman Islands to receive this distinction.

Chub Hole - The Beginning of the Corner

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