Green Short Challenge

THe Green Short Challenge is an adventure to scuba dive on all 55 dive sites around the East End of Grand Cayman

Green Short Challenge

green-shorts-cayman-medalWhat it takes to dive all 55 sites

Ocean Frontiers Dive Shop on the East End of Grand Cayman has thrown down a dive Fin to see if there are any divers out there willing and able to accept a Challenge. This new adventure challenges divers to run the gauntlet of logging all 55 dive sites within the East End dive zone. Ocean Frontiers has published a custom log book to guide divers on this quest and to check-off each site as they discover new territories of coral reefs and wall dives.

All previous dives count and there is no time limit on completing the challenge. Many of our customers have been diving with us for years and we needed that to be acknowledged. The new East End Dive Site Log Book contains all 55 hand drawn illustrations, taken from our dive site briefings boards, all drawn from the deck of Ocean Frontiers' dive boats.  What makes East End diving special, is the dive sites and how we dive them.  Ocean Frontiers made this log book in to something more than a log and with all the dive site maps it makes the perfect guide book.

Ocean Frontiers' dive staff consider The Green Short Challenge the equivalent of earning your stripes, or in this case, earning your shorts. The name of the challenge comes from the iconic teal green shorts that forms part of the dive team's uniform. The very words 'Green Shorts' at Ocean Frontiers have become synonymous with legendary dive sites, phenomenal service and a dive culture that inspires.

All golfers dream of wearing the Green Jacket of the Masters Tournament, Cyclers aspire about wearing the Yellow Jersey of the Tour De France, but in the dive world, it is all about your pair of Green Shorts. Our divers love this sense of accomplishment.

Once a diver checks off all the 27 wall dives and 28 shallow reefs dives to complete the 55 East End dive sites, the celebrations begin. Each diver is inducted in the the Green Short Dive Tribe at a ceremony on the boat dock at Compass Point Dive Resort. The notable diver receives a special edition pair of Green Shorts, awarded an Ocean Frontiers Gold Medal, a bronze plaque is later cast with their name and then installed on the 'Divers Walk of Fame' to leave a part of them in Cayman until they return. A delicious Green Short Cake is presented along with Champagne to share and celebrate with their fellow divers.

After completing the challenge our customers realize that they belong and truly appreciate the diverse beauty and wonder of the magical East End diving.

To find out more about the Green Short Challenge, stake your claim to the sites you have already logged, and to book your next dive vacation to the Cayman Islands- contact Ocean Frontiers.

Tips and Considerations for those taking the Green Short Challenge and logging all 55 East End dive sites in Grand Cayman

Green Short Challenges-Theoretically, the quickest way to complete all of our 55 dive sites in the Green Short Challenge is to only dive each site once, and over just a few visits to the Cayman Islands you will have chalked them all off. There is no time limit and previously logged dives count. However, divers need to be realistic; factor in and consider the following:

1. Tis' the Season
The 55 dive sites are divided into zones for a number of reasons, first being the distinct geography and topography of that area and secondly because some of the zones are more seasonal than others and are not always accessible on any given day. In the Cayman winter time, November through March, it is typical to have winds prevailing from the North and occasionally this limits access to zones A, B & C on the North coast of East End. In the Cayman summer time it is typical to have winds prevailing from the South and this can limit access to sites in zones D, E & F on the South coast of East End. Spring and Fall provide more varied weather and wind directions are less predictable. As reliable as the weather is not, it is possible to dive any of our 55 dive sites on any day of the year, we'll just never know in advance which day that is.

2. Rinse & Repeat
It takes more than 55 individual dives or 27.5 two tank dive trips to complete the challenge. Depending on Cayman weather conditions and if other divers on the boat have already visited the site you have requested, you will repeat some sites from time to time. Many of our dive sites take multiple dives to see all they have to offer and by just visiting them once, you would be missing out.

3. Best Behaviour
We know that you may have 54 sites logged and you are on your last day of diving before leaving Cayman to return home and simply have to get to that last site or else. If the dive site gods are in your favor, then we will take you there and welcome you join the Green Short Alumni. However, if the planets do not align and your bubbles go elsewhere, we ask that you try not to bite the tabs off your mouth piece and leave the saga.... 'to be continued'.

4. Special Requests
To begin with it may all be new and each site will be a first, but once you have checked off the first 30 sites, you will need to keep a closer eye on your log book and be sure to lodge your requests with our Captains and Crew. Feel free to work your persuasion, ask for sites by name or just by zone if you are lacking sites from a particular area. Gifts, rewards and special favors are typically accepted by Captains, Crew and even other customers, but be forewarned, they rarely yield results - we are all Pirates in Cayman.

5. Leaving the Station
In order to reach some of the more remote sites of East End it is important for the dive boats to depart on time, if not early. We pride our self with our on-time departures, for no other reason that enabling our crew and boats to be flexible with extended bottom times and venturing out to the far reaches of the East End dive zones.

6. Captain's Orders
Our boat Captains have the best interests of ALL divers at heart and will base dive site selection criteria, for each trip, in the following order:

  • Weather & Conditions: wind direction, wave height, currents, visibility
  • Diver Experience Level: overall skill and comfort level of divers on board
  • Non-Return Policy: divers not to revisit sites in the same week
  • Availability: the mooring is in service and not occupied by another vessel
  • By Request: we do our very best to help you complete the challenge

"Try not. Do or do not. There is no try." - Yoda


Green Shorts Alumni Hall of Fame:


Alex Mustard


Mark Potter Kenny Rubin Michael Paolucci

Percy Sherman


Barney Bristow Cecilia Sharp John Sharp

Helen Walter


Bob Tse Eriko Ishikawa Phil Brown

Cyndy Carter


Tom Carter John Mann Joe Taylor

Greg Byrd


Melody Angel Tom Higgins Patricia Barkley

Cris Burton


Sydnie Brueckner Sal Perconti Mike Lipson

Gail Seibert


Duncan Seibert Ellen Rierson Peter McKay

Jim Leavitt


Keith Walter Kris Bristow Michael Rierson

Linda Paolucci


Ruth Connal Pete Connal Rick Childs

Mary Oldenburg


Lee McLendon John Siminger Eileen Siminger

Cathy Zura


John Wycoff Cindy Wycoff Kathy Murphy

Gerry Grindler


Terry Lowitz Dennis Rogers Rick Beard

Christine Beard


Mary Mendez Al Mendez Karen Maxwell

John Pratt


Jim Grace Barb McPherson Harry McPherson

Ione Perhay


Dennis Beaver Cheryl Hubay Tony Jaecques

Stephen Gill


 Laura Hall  Mark Rovner  Greg Dean

 Brian McCarron


 Kay McCarron  Crystal Gailey  Dennis Dietzel

 Tamara Dietzel


 Roger Ferguson  Pam Hadfield  Glen Ostle

 Ryan Chalmers


 Roger Muller  Mike Lock  Mike Lewis

 Mahlon Russell


 Steve Wear  Les Lubitz  Jack Augsbury

 Ann Hargraves


 Bob Hargraves  Lynne Lipson  Michael Jordache

 Howard Kaiser


 Jean Kaiser  Mary Wallace  David Posner

 John Buchanan


 TJ Schmidt  John Schmidt  Byrd Prentiss

 Wayne Michelli


 Heidi Baker  Ken Abeloe  Gregg Taylor

 Mark Zitz


 Rick Mowbray  Kelli Mowbray  Chuck Swecker

 Meg Swecker


 Jenny Below  Steve Sundberg  Suzanne Scharle-Burton

 Derek Dutchak


 Carrie Dutchak  Ben Eisler  Michael Scranton

 Melissa Scranton


 Mike Price  Janet Price  Bruce Winer

 Kathleen Winer


 Rachelle Seay  Raye Mitchell  Nedra Wick

 Rebecca Locke


 Judy Kay  Barry Anders  Linda Anders

 Steve Drew


 Cindi Drew  Jerry Thornton  Kim Thornton

 Ray Mathews


 Brad Towne  Leslie Joyce  Stacy Miller

 Mavourneen Mainelli


 David Rodgers  Alex Ross  Eric Brueckner

Julie Carmichael 


 Terry Nance  Steve Jorgensen  Kathy Benson
 Don Benson  Jim Hyatt  Kathy Hyatt

 Heather Nugent


 Harvey Padden  Vladimir Orkin  Dan Moylan

 Steven Heng


 Mary Ellen Heng  Pat Keenan  Gary Keenan

 Gayla Goff


 Jackie Gill  Daryl Thachuk  Virginia Provencher

 Dana Sears


 Mary Sears  Caroline Felstiner  Stephanie Wylie

 Mark Loewen


 Natalie Loewen  Dave Shive  Barbara Lindsay

 Dave Liberati


 John Brown  Chris Russell  Michael Piner

 Janice McClendon


 Ty Alley  Gavin Thorsrud  Steve Smith

 Carl Oldenburg


 Ivan Smirnoff  Andrew Smirnoff  Brandy Roisman

 Chuck Weitz


 Greer Geiger  Steve Luskin  John Perhay

 Mathew Stein


 Jack Roberts  Mary Roberts  Lisa Briggs

 Clint Briggs


 John Zikias  Darin Layton  Buzz Adams

 Lisa Adams


 Celeste McLeod  Tripp Jones  Anne Jones

 Liz Kane


 John Kane


 Michelle Byrnes  Ray Grainger  Gordon Wall

 Lowrey Holthaus


 Bill Wilson  Tori Kitchen  Lisa Preskenis

 Jerry Williams


 Andrew Fischer  Robin Mathews  Sheldon Riner

 Kathy Mason


 Lloyd Miller  Jim Miller  Mark Wood
Linda Wood

Randy Anderson

Stephanie Milosavlevski Doug Lessing

Grace Lessing


Michael Martin Steve Tolf  Linda Tolf

Kathleen Hayes


George Rolfe Ginnie Gilson  Gerri Cote

George Graham


J Richard Roy Mike Horan  Roy Adams

Jeff Heberley


Peter Roberts Valerie Roberts  David Davis

Ed Galvin


Patty Lamp Craig Lamp  Glen Hueckel

Paul Billoni


Bill Worth

Terry O'Brien 

Martha Cotton

 Sean Olson


 Susan Butler  Mark Weesner  Dirk Sheridan

Joal Sheridan


Ray Parzik Jr  Ray Parzik Sr  Tony Navarro

Sue Olson


Jon Hester Rhea Hester  Suzy Reno

Beatriz Torrente

Jorge Medina Cindy Mueller Mike Hile

Jeremy Miller

Warren Bizub Oleg Ilinich Russell Quaglia

Mel Grundleger


Jeff O Dea


Nicholas Fears


Gary Cameron


John “Jack” Wright


Kelly Wright

Joseph Monnig


Vicki Monnig


Neil Pressman

Bruce Mathews


John Adams


Robert “Bob” Nelson


Karen Robbins


Robert Robbins


Cynthia Amirault


Steve Madey


Greg Galli


Vicki Galli


Patricia St Lucia


Jonathan Bauer


Don Blake


Leigh Blake


John Doyle


Shawn Buhr


Rick Kitchen


Mike Rhodes


Peggy Lindenlaub


Mark Lindenlaub

John Van Grouw


Jack Bernstein


Mike “Murph” Murphy


Barbara Worth


Michael Lanau


Mimi Landau


Barbara DeLello