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Star Babies/Tots

Adult & Me Swim Classes - 2022 Registration Open!

StarBabies Adult & Infant 6-18 months / StarTots Adult & Toddler 18-36 months

Start building your child’s interest in swimming and in-water confidence early with Adult & Me Swim Classes. Have fun with playful songs and development-focused activities while learning how to keep your child safe in the water.


Designed for young children, the purpose of this program to develop a high level of comfort in the water, while at the same time training the adults who accompany them in water safety and drowning prevention. This program does not teach children to become accomplished swimmers or to survive in the water independently; it does provide confidence-building in a fun and safe environment. For those children who are developmentally ready, it will start to build foundational skills toward the Learn to Swim program.

Class Highlights & Safety

  • All Swim Instructors are Covid-19 vaccinated and Rapid tested twice per week - To review Ocean Frontiers' Covid Safety guidlines please click here
  • Small personalized classes to meet each students' needs - max 3 students per class
  • Playful songs and activities to keep your child engaged and focused
  • Receive regular student report cards to track your child’s progression
  • Classes are held at our outdoor training pool, complete with showers and changerooms - Baby & Tot classes are restricted to the 4-5 foot depths only


  • One adult must be in the water with each child
  • Accompanying adult must be comfortable in the water
  • Swim Diapers are required for the child

Classes are grouped by age and ability. Following the Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI) five-stage curriculum, each stage focuses on a different core competency. In order of progression, White-Red-Yellow-Blue-Green, students work toward developing the five competencies and achieving the stage benchmarks at their own pace.

        White - Trust & Comfort
        Red - Body Position
        Yellow - Submersion
        Blue - Air Recovery & Rollover
        Green - Forward Movement

2022 Summer Swim Schedule - Registration Open!

        Term Dates: July 9 - August 6 (5-weeks)

        StarBabies - Saturdays 9:15 - 9:45 am 
        StarTots - Saturdays 9:45 - 10:15 am

Term Cost

        Summer Term: CI $125: 5x 30-min classes   

*Prices are pro-rated for students who join mid-term 

How to Register?

Registration works on a first-come, first-serve basis:

  1. Contact us by phone or email to register for a class/term or visit us at Ocean Frontiers
  2. Fill our our online student waiver by clicking here
  3. Full payment is required to complete your registration - this can be done by card over the phone or in person at Ocean Frontiers
  4. Please view our Registration & Cancellation Policy
Don't feel comfortable taking your child in the water?

As the Adult in the Baby & Tot classes you do not need to know how to swim, but basic comfort in the water is required. Your Instructor will show you everything you need to know to keep yourself and your child as safe as possible in the water.

If you are not feeling confident, we offer a free 15 minute assessment in the pool. The instructor will ensure that you have the comfort level expected for the Baby & Tot classes, as well as show you what kind of things you will be doing during the classes to ensure that you feel prepared and confident before starting.

Don't let fear or lack of comfort in the water prevent your child from learning such an important life-saving skill as swimming. Many of our parents also take the Adults Swim classes prior to starting classes with their child or even during the same swim term. Click here to read more about Adults Swim.


Your Instructor is an SAI certified Swim Instructor offering the highest quality instruction to promote safety and skill development in the water. They are further trained in Water Rescue, CPR & First Aid, and have completed Stewards of Children training through Darkness to Light.

To read more about your instructor click here!

Ocean Frontiers is a recognized PADI Swim School and accredited with the CIASA Approved Programmes (CAP) certification.

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For questions or to enroll in Swim School: Call or WhatsApp 345-323-4040 or email

What do the parents of our Babies & Tots students have to say?

Februray 2021 - "Candace has been practicing swimming with my two year old for the last year. He really enjoys swimming with her, she is great at making swimming safe and fun." L.W.