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Lesley Agostinelli

Lesley Agostinelli - Ocean Frontiers Dive Shop
  • Tell us what you did in a former life?

I started my working life as a Chef with the goal of traveling the world. Then decided to return to school and earn my degree, I proudly gained a 1st class honors degree in Hospitality Management all so i could get a proper office job ;o)

  • What other places have you worked in the world?

I worked as a Chef on the QEII so did manage to go around the world a few times, seeing most of it from a porthole. I have also worked in Bermuda at a wonderful fish restaurant, as well as in Manchester and London in the UK.

  • What is your favorite marine life?

Clown Fish and Manatees

  • What is your favorite Cayman dive site?

Grouper Grotto when the Silversides are in season.

  • What do you love most about the East End?

That its not George Town. The drive to East End has to be the best commute in the world. East End is so peacefully quiet and relaxing and it is a wonderful village which boost such great community spirit.

  • Tell us a random fact about yourself?

I love dogs and have a huge passion for animal rescue. So much so that i am one of the founding directors of CARE - Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiasts, a non profit registered charitable organization here in Cayman. Our goals are to assist in the education of spay and neuter within the community as the humane solution to end the over population problem that exists here in Cayman. So far this year i have successfully been able to spay/Neuter over 60 dogs in the district of East End

  • What would you be doing if you weren't working at Ocean Frontiers & Compass Point?

Would love to train as a  vet, vet technician, dog groomer, dog walker, pet sitter  ;o)

  • What is your Super Power?

I can talk to the animals