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Ocean Frontiers

Hunter Taylor

Hunter Taylor - Ocean Frontiers Dive Shop
  • Nick Name: Captain Hillbilly
  • Joined OF: 17 Oct, 2017
  • Country of Origin: USA
Hunter Taylor is a PADI Dive Instructor and Boat Captain at Ocean Frontiers since 2017.
  • Tell us what you did in a former life?

Diving. Since birth. I did my homework on regulator service benches in my family's dive shop.  I was Open Water certified when I was 10 years old, grew up in dive shops in Arkansas since I was 6, and general managed a dive store for several years in Arkansas after college. I also have a BA in Philosophy. 

  • What other places have you worked in the world?

Expert in all things lake diving and dirty dive work in Arkansas USA. I spent 11 years working at Ocean Extreme Dive & Travel Center, Inc. However, I spent several years leading dive groups to Bonaire, Honduras, and the three Cayman Islands. Oh, and yeah.... Subway.

  • What is your favorite marine life?

Queen angelfish, brittle stars, fingerprint cyphomas, painted elysias, skeleton shrimp... oh, and that 10' tiger shark I saw at Scuba Bowl was pretty cool. 

  • What is your favorite Cayman dive site?

Frank Sound Gardens for a shallow reef dive and Pat's Wall for a deep dive. 

  • What do you love most about the East End?

The diving. Honestly, I love every bit of Grand Cayman, above and below water. East End diving is the best that I could ask for day-in-day-out though! Stunning, impressive topography everywhere, pristine and diverse reefs everywhere, and the sharks for some added fun...

  • Tell us a random fact about yourself?

Designed and installed two disc golf courses and wrote a 44-page disc golf manual. I was a scratch golfer in high school and I'm also fluent in the Subway Sandwich franchise...

  • What would you be doing if you weren't working at Ocean Frontiers?

Probably diving in lakes in Arkansas. I would be working around one or more of three specific things: Scubapro, the water, and diving. They are the only things I know. Otherwise, I am pretty adept and have experience with freelance general mechanical and construction work, and I guess I could always try golfing professionally...but diving is just much more fun than everything else.

  • What is your Super Power?

Exploding fruit with compressed air. Enquire in-person for details.