Rental Gear

Scuba diving equipment rentals from Ocean frontiers dive shop in the Cayman Islands

Rental Gear

Head-To-Toe Scuba Rental Gear Special - US$35 Per Day or US$120 Per Week - Includes All Gear (Boat Diving Only)

Leave your dive gear at home and take advantage of our 'Full-Set' gear rental rates. Includes: Mask, Fins, BCD, Regulator with Computer and a 3mm Long Sleaved Shortie Wetsuit if required. 

Please note, all rates listed apply to rentals only when used from Ocean Frontiers' dive boats. Ocean Frontiers does not rent equipment off-site.  Shore diving is especially harsh on regulators and BCDs and we'd prefer to keep our gear in showroom condition and reserve our rental services exclusively for our boat diving customers. 

Regulators: Scubapro MK2 1st Stage and R190-295 2nd Stage(s) - US$20 Per Day

Classic downstream piston- The best example of bulletproof reliability and trouble-free, minimum maintenance regulators.  The classic downstream piston configuration is the simplest mechanism that exists to control the pressure drop from a tank to feed the second stage.  The classic downstream valve is the first choice of diving centers and rental facilities worldwide for warm and moderate water temperatures.

Downstream valves are particularly noted for their legendary safety and reliability. When in use, the downstream valve opens in the same direction as the incoming air flow. To close the valve and stop the air flow, a spring counteracts the force of the incoming air. Therefore, a certain inhalation effort is always required to overcome the spring tension and open the valve.

  • Fixed VIVA (Venturi Initiated Vacuum Assist) flow vane. Fixed pre-tuned ideal position for safe and uncomplicated use.
  • Extremely lightweight and compact. Comfortable for all divers, including novice divers newly initiated in the sport.

All rental regulators are supplied with and include the following: 1st stage, 2nd stage primary, 2nd stage octopus/alternate, low pressure inflator hose for BCD, pressure gauge (imperial/PSI) and a dive computer.

Rental Regulators Scubapro

Rental BCD: Scubapro Pilot - US$15 Per Day: 

A highly-reliable adjustable jacket with simplicity and durability.  This 420 denier jacket is also ideal for traveling divers due to its fast-drying and low-weight characteristics.

  • Front-adjustable design allows for multiple variations of fit, regardless of the thickness of suit
  • 3-dump deflation system enables divers to dump air from a variety of underwater positions
  • Rotating Quick Release shoulder buckles and adjustable shoulder straps improve fit
  • Padded back incorporates a lightweight and quick-drying material
  • Wrap-around air cell and harness ensure ergonomic inflation of air cell to provide a streamlined outline,  and improved load distribution
  • Dual wide pockets and lightweight nylon D-rings for transport of cargo and accessories
  • Balanced Power Inflator

Rental BCD 

Dive Computers - Included in Regulator Rental Rate:  

All of our consoles on the rental regulators include a Nitrox capable Dive Computer. The computer is included in the price of the rental regulator, but can also be rented separately. Some trips, such as our 3 Tank Safari or if you are diving 4 times in one day, require all divers to have a dive computer. 

Pressure Gauge and Dive Computer


Rental Wetsuit: Scubapro Caribbean Shorty - US$10 Per Day:  

Made of tough and fast-drying 3 mm thick neoprene, this shorty comes with a front zipper for ease of entry, a mandarin collar for comfort and lycra-bound edges to restrict water entry.

Long Sleeve Shorty 3mm Wetsuite