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Top 10 Reasons to Go Night Diving in the Cayman Islands

There are two kinds of scuba divers, those who have dived at night and those who are going to go night diving.  It may be for no other reason than the opportunity to get one more dive in for the day. For those who need some convincing to go swimming around in the dark, here are ten reasons you should tick night diving off your bucket list with Ocean Frontiers.  

1-  Nocturnal marine life you have never seen before

2-  Guided dive by one of our expert crew

3-  Shallow reef dive, no current, calm and easy

4-  State-of-the-Art, 3000 Lumens underwater light included free

5-  See amazing macro critters that you often miss in the day

6-  Unlimited bottom time, great value for money

7-  See Coral Fluorescence with Ultraviolet dive lights and ‘Let it Glow’

8-  Hot Cocoa, Rum and Muffins served after every Night Dive

9-  On a boat, convenient, organized and comfortable,

10- Make the Night Dive count to your Advanced PADI Certification

Octopus, Lobsters, Eels and Parrot fish in sleeping bags are easy finds on a night dive, especially if you opt for a guided tour by one of Ocean Frontiers’ expert Divemasters. If it is your inaugural night dive, you can relax and know you will be in good hands on your first of many after dark scuba adventures.  

Ocean Frontiers’ favorite night spot is Sunset Reef on the East End of Grand Cayman.  This reef is a must for underwater photographers due to the impressive array of critters that call this site home.  Not only is Sunset Reef very shallow, it is located inside a protected lagoon, sheltering it from any currents and waves.  At a depth of twenty-five feet deep, emptying your air tank in a few sucks is never a concern. The only thing bigger than your wide-open eyes will be your bottom time on this no-limits reef dive, where you are more likely to fill your memory card before your dive computer.

The latest trend in night diving is Ultraviolet dive lights. Ocean Frontiers was first in the Cayman Islands to introduce this new technology that causes parts of the reef to glow in psychedelic colors.  Unique to Sunset Reef are the masses of Pink Tipped anemones that can be found in their hundreds, more than any other reef in the Cayman Islands. Anemones are packed with fluorescent proteins that glow when excited by the underwater blacklights. Even the most season diver will surface with that look, as if it was their first ever night dive and the realization they had no longer seen it all.  

Another twist on night diving is to venture out onto the reef with a full moon shining above. The draw for new divers is that it never gets completely dark and there will always be some ambient light- this adds a level of comfort for those who are not quite sure what to expect.  For experienced divers, the full moon means they can swim the shadows of the reef with just the moon to guide them- their eyes adjust, hovering motionless and in the distance see other divers with their lights beaming as if they have just landed on the moon.

Not to be outdone by Neptune, when the skies are clear, Mother Nature puts on a spectacular show after the dive with stargazing you may only otherwise see after climbing Mauna Kea. Enjoy the boat ride back to Ocean Frontiers’ dock, sipping hot cocoa spiced with local rum and indulge on a homemade muffin (Non-divers can join you for the ride and apres dive for a small fee).

Save the date, Annual Coral Spawning Night Dives 2019, September 18th, 19th, 20th. Check with Ocean Frontiers for more details.

You must be a certified PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent to dive at night.

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