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Adults Swim

Adults Swim

Adults Learn-to-Swim & Swim Stroke Development ages 18+

Do you want to snorkel with the stingrays, learn to scuba dive, or just get in the water with your children but don't feel confident swimming? It is never to too late to build comfort in the water, develop swim skills, and learn water safety. This program focuses on developing the necessary skills so you can safely enjoy all of the amazing activities that living on an island can offer!


Adults Learn-to-Swim is designed to improve comfort and skill in the water, regardless of past swimming experience. Students work toward developing functional swim skills and water safety using principles of adult learning. Our small personalized classes create the perfect environment for learning and developing new skills at your own pace.

Stroke Development follows the natural progression of swim skill development for those who are looking to take their swimming to the next level. Students refine freestyle and learn stroke technique for backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, while developing endurance and enhancing water safety and life-saving rescue skills.

Saturdays - one class per week on an 8-Class Term


Following the Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI) five-stage curriculum, each stage focuses on a different core competency. In order of progression White-Red-Yellow-Blue-Green, students work toward developing the five competencies and achieving the stage benchmarks at their own pace.


         Level 1
             White - Trust & Submersion
             Red - Body Position & Air Recovery
             Yellow - Forward Movement
         Level 2
             Yellow - Forward Movement
             Blue - Rotary Movement
             Green - Integrated Movement

    Stroke Development

         Level 1
             White - Freestyle
Red - Backstroke
             Yellow - Butterfly
Blue - Breaststroke
Green - Endurance

Ask about our free level-placement assessment for new students!

Current Term Dates / Schedule

Apr 17 - Jun 5, 2021


           Level 1 - Saturdays 3:00 - 3:50 pm
           Level 2 - Saturdays 4:00 - 4:50 pm

Summer Terms 2021... coming soon!


CI $230: 8x 50-min classes - one class per week on a 8-Class Term

Buddy Discount!

  • Bring in 1 new student - receive a 10% Discount for you and your Buddy
  • Bring in 2 or more new students - receive a 15% Discount including a 10% Discount for each Buddy

*Discounts apply to payment of the full and current term registration only


  • Small personalized classes to meet each students' needs - max 6 students
  • Recieve regular progress updates to track your progression in the program
  • Classes are held at our on-site training pool
Are you a parent or caregiver?

Enhance your safety knowledge with one of our Adults Swim Packages:
STAR Water Safety training & Adults Swim


Your Instructor is an SAI certified Swim Instructor offering the highest quality instruction to promote safety and skill development in the water. They are further trained in Water Rescue, CPR & First Aid.

To read more about your instructor click here!

Ocean Frontiers is a recognized PADI Swim School and accredited with the CIASA Approved Programmes (CAP) certification.

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For questions or to enroll in Swim School: Call or WhatsApp 345-323-4040 or email


What do our Adults students have to say?

March 2021 - “Candace is very professional, she has a curriculum and is target oriented. She highlighted my goals for each session thus helping me understand my progress. It was a pleasure learning from her. The pool is also maintained well and they had required equipments to teach us.” Ankita & Prashant